Creatives and Makers

Norman Fournier and Micheal Cor met at the University of Alberta in 2015. They immediately established a rapport and found they were like-minded individuals with regards to work and life.

So what happens when two sculptors put their minds together?

Rogue Agent, an innovative creative boutique offering design and publicity, with a special focus on musicians, artists, and bands.

Rogue Agent offers branding, advertising, publicity and video development creative and production, and The Skunkworks , a full-service, four-colour screen-printing workshop that can print t-shirts, posters, postcards, and other promotional items. Contact us for an estimate.

norman Fournier

Norman Fournier

Currently enrolled in the Bachelor of Fine Art program at the University of Alberta, Norman has worked as a Creative Director and Designer since 1974.

Norman looks forward to hearing from you. You can contact him by emailing

Micheal Cor

Micheal Cor

Micheal is currently teaching undergrads as a Technical Assistant in the sculpture department at the University of Alberta. Micheal has worked as an artist and Designer for ten years.

Micheal looks forward to hearing from you. You can contact him by phone at 760 705 5810 or by emailing

Strategic Partners

Rogue Agent couldn’t do what we do without the help of our Strategic Partners.

Rick Cor

Factotum Fabrication Custom Millwork and Design

Factotum is a custom millwork and interior renovation company that operates out of the Timbre Co-working Space in Edmonton. Factotum explores woodworking and design with a commitment to achieving the highest level of quality and craftsmanship possible.