Production facility includes design, artwork, pre-press, silkscreen, woodblock print, lost-wax casting, and wood and metal fabrication.

The Way t-shirt

Many bands make as much selling their merchandise as they do making music. T-shirts are a collector’s item, and a great endorsement for bands to have fans walk around promoting them.

Your music’s customer is your fan. You get them one at a time. The main way bands and musicians do this is by the emotional appeal of their performance, and their recordings. But if no one knows about your band how are they going to hear you? How are they going to find you? How do you plan to attract their attention?

It pays to think in business terms. Promotions and Advertising are usually considered separately, but they are part and parcel of getting your music to your customers. They must produce sales.

Giving away a sample is an effective promotional tool: loyalty cards are incentives that drive mp3 downloads, and youTube videos are popular promotional giveaways.

Your fans want information, how to find you on the web, when and where is your next show. Unless you’re an interntional act, your local market is your beachhead: that is the pond where we want to drop our first pebble. The ripples move outward from there.

“Word of Mouth” isn’t advertising. If you don’t promote and advertise your shows or records, no one will know, outside of your immediate family. Because advertising is everywhere, it has become less effective in general. You need to differentiate yourself. You need to show and tell.

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