Design and artwork

Judah : I love the cover by the way – makes me want to explore…”

Without going overly much into detail our offering includes graphic design like record covers, posters and t-shirts, 3-D design, fabrication, and other advertising and marketing services.

Record Packaging Design and Art Direction

Perpendicular Single Release by Dani Moon

Dani Moon, “Perpendicular” Single Release CD Sleeve.

Ten Platers Agent Orange record sleeve

Ten Platers, “Agent Orange”.

Thread Count by Dani Moon

Dani Moon, “Thread Count” Liner Notes.

The Halcyon Core record sleeve

The Halcyon Core, “The Halcyon Core” Demo EP.

Movin' On record sleeve

Papasean Johnson, “Movin’ On”.

Mistermental record sleeve

The Way, “Mistermental”.

Poster design and artwork

Piano recital poster

Piano recital poster.

First Nations Employment Society Haida Gwaii Guitars

Poster for Luthier Haida Gwaii Guitars

Piano recital poster

Piano recital poster.

The Way poster

The Way poster.

Just Strings Artwork

Just Strings poster art.

The Way poster

The Way poster.

3-D design and Fabrication

The Cocoa Pod logo

The Cocoa Pod logo design. homepage.

The Cocoa Pod family of products

The Cocoa Pod retail concept chocolate product design.

The Cocoa Pod package

The Cocoa Pod retail concept package design.

xoxolatl kiosk concept

The Cocoa Pod retail concept 10'x10' kiosk concept plan views.

Xoxolatl kiosk

The Cocoa Pod kiosk in a typical shopping mall centre aisle.

The Cocoa Pod Retail Concept. Module configuration animation.

Xoxolatl kiosk concept sketches

The Cocoa Pod kiosk concept drawings.

Micheal Cor Monkee Chair

Monkee Chair.

mike-cor-altar-04 mike-cor-altar-05

Altar table.


Portrait bust.


Figurative Sculpture technical demonstration.


Lattice work.


Bronze abstract.



Press kit portraits shot on 120 film


Advertising stills


Gig photography

Web development

brandasset dot net

Brand consulting, design, and management.

The Brand Asset Net offers digital asset management using Zope/Plone.

Plone is a mature open-source project that enables web application development to support digital asset versioning, user-generated content, membership and strong security.


The Halcyon Core

The Halcyon Core is a metal duo currently performing in the Vancouver, B.C. area.

Audio and video files delivered using jPlayer by

html5 animation

tenplaters com website

Ten Platers

The Plone Content Management System allows greaterthanhmtl to program rich interactive websites that feature security, membership, user-created content, search, internationalization, integrated calendar, news and event, workflow and automated messaging for portal members. promotes a recording by Ten Platers, and features streaming mp3 files of the band’s latest record, “Agent Orange.” This allows users to hear the music but not save the files. Purchase is through Paypal and iTunes.



Webportal to promote economic development in Edmonton. is a community portal that encourages Edmonton entrepreneurs to promote their enterprises on the domain.

Visitors are allowed to compile webpages that highlight their business, event or news to the population of Edmonton, as long as their business or category starts with the letter "e".

thewayband dot ca

Plone portal for rock and roll band fan website.



Web brochure

Creative Process

Creative Process

Web brochure

The Cocoa Pod

The Cocoa Pod online placeholder for The Cocoa Pod retail concept.