Your music doesn’t sound like everyone else’s, so why should it look like everyone else’s?

Rogue Agent design is unique and original. You won’t see anything like it anywhere, and that’s a good thing. We pride ourselves on it.

Just like in the fashion business, there are design trends in layout, typography, photography and illustration. Homogenization is what happens, and after a while everybody looks the same.

Based on the graphics, you can look at a record sleeve and often determine when the record was released, down to the minute. This is not a good way to differentiate yourself.

There are some timeless designs which everyone knows, for example, Pink Floyd’s “Dark Side of the Moon”, The Rolling Stone’s “Sticky Fingers”, and The Velvet Underground’s “Banana Sticker” cover. The formula is to symbolize the theme of the record with representative typography supported by simple, memorable graphics.

Those are the rules by which Rogue Agent plays. We create original artwork for original musicians.

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